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The show is now over! Thank you for your support!


The Heart & Soul Exhibition has been a magnificent success with a full capacity crowd at the private view which was exciting and heart warming with all the live auction lots selling for fantastic prices to help wildlife. The silent auction also exceeded expectations and the rest of the show was extremely well attended with 142 framed and 375 unframed prints sold. Thank you to all of you who visited.


The 6 day show at central London's Mall Galleries raised over £303,000.


You can click on this link for more photos of the private view taken by professional photographer and Gary Hodges collector Neil Wray. Neil kindly donated his time for Gary's charity show.


New limited edition Prints


Gary published two new limited edition prints for this show which are now available to buy in in the shop. They are "Evolution" which is his updated Nile crocodile finished in time for the show and "Moonshine", a picture of a Tawny Owl.



Beautiful 146 page signed limited edition book


This commemorative book was published in an edition of just 1,000 signed and numbered copies especially for the show. Lavishly illustrated with every drawing/print featured in the exhibition. Copies were available at the show and are now available through this website and from EIA and Born Free.

Mall Galleries, London SW1 18th April 2016
Mall Galleries April 18th 2016

"A personal triumph for you in every possible way. I was overjoyed to watch and hear the response from the crowd in the room. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. I don't remember ever being at an auction of art that has been as exciting, nail-biting and thrilling as this one! "

Virginia McKenna OBE

Heart & Soul Exhibition
Gary Hodges opening night

"Wow darling, what a fantastic evening, proud to have been part of it my little doodle star, a total triumph."

Rula Lenska

Heart & Soul Exhibition opening 18th April
Heart & Soul Private view 18th April 2016

"It was a triumph on Monday night. Such a gorgeous exhibition and such a wonderful energy in the crowd."

Jilly Goolden

Mall Galleries, London SW1
Private view Heart & Soul Exhibition
Heart & Soul

All photos of the Private View above courtesy of

© Neil Wray


You can see and download 100 photos from the show if you click here



Pencil drawing of orphaned elephants released into the wild

Joy 2003 (African Elephants). Gary visited these orphaned elephants cared for by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. These two orphans are running free towards a water hole in Tsavo National Park. You can see Gary drawing this in timelapse video. The is one of the originals which was sold (for £20,000) and was on show at this exhibition.


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