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Painted wolf original_web.jpg


This is what Gary says about this new drawing:


"I'm delighted to say, Remembering Wildlife have used my drawings on all their five tote bags so far. This year will be no exception.

Way back in 1980, I drew my first (and only) painted wolf, also known by many other names including African wild dog, Cape hunting dog and painted dog. Very recently I spent four days erasing and embellishing it to meet my 2021 standards. Although my 1980 drawing had the right proportions and was a simple, solid composition, the actual shading was very suspect to my eyes. I spent four full days transforming it into an artwork I could be proud of publishing in the various forms."


The framed original was sold for £5,200 in aid of Remembering African Wild Dogs in an auction at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) on 11 November. 100% went to them.

The limited edition has sold out.


Flying Free_web.jpg


Gary has drawn this juvenile Green turtle after attributing it to teaching him to snorkel! He says that it was so curious of this nervous swimmer that it came under him and nestled under his chest. He was so mesmerised he forgot to be frightened of snorkelling. Since this encounter on the Great Barrier Reef he has since snorkelled with humpback whales, sharks, other turtles, sealions, manta rays and other magnificent creatures in many parts of the world. Thanks to this little turtle.

This is the now available as a limited edition from the shop.

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