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Heart & Soul - autobiography (was £80)

Heart & Soul - autobiography (was £80)


Heart & Soul - Gary's autobiography with full portfolio limited edition (1,000 copies) signed and numbered hardback book. Was £80 + shipping (see dropdown) - now £35 + shipping.

272 pages with heartfelt autobiography illustrated with 336 photos. Portfolio section includes all 129 of Gary's published prints. Foreword by Virginia McKenna OBE with introduction by Rula Lenska.

  • Details

    An intimate and sometimes heart-wrenching story of an artist who, against the odds, outsold his peers. Gary Hodges’ personal account gently builds a deeper understanding of his life and his art. Through tragedy and joy, the artist’s ability to reach into the soul of his subjects becomes clearer, as his personal portrait emerges.

    Son of a fishmonger, his safe teenage home-life was struck hard when his dear mother died. Unable to deal with the overwhelming sadness, he finally found a release for his emotions, through drawing wildlife.

    As he struggled to find his way forward in the world, he came to terms with his sexuality. He met a wonderful group of lifelong friends and through them was introduced to his soul-mate, with whom he has shared the last 36 years.

    He began building a career in drawing, breaking down barriers and breaking records, self-publishing his pictures when the commercial art world wouldn’t. His extraordinary pencil drawings developed a huge following.

    It should have been easier from then onwards, but just as his career hit its peak, tragedy struck again, driving him back to the sadness of his teenage loss.

    Throughout Hodges provides anecdotes behind some of his best loved drawings, warm memories of his time with wild animals, personal photographs and profound insights into his Heart & Soul.

    Beautifully designed, personally signed, this book is a testament to Gary Hodges now in his 60th year, celebrating his drawings, his life and the wildlife he loves with a passion.

    The portfolio section includes all his published drawings to date.
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