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Welcome to my brand new website. It has been done very much 'in house'... literally. Although he's never done one from scratch before, my clever partner Dave designed it, starting a couple of months ago. I naturally offered endless suggestions along the way until I was completely happy with how it looked. I feel it shows off my drawings so much better than the old tired site did. We launched that one way back in 2009 and it definitely needed a revamp.

My old site was also causing headaches when ordering through the shop. These problems should be completely resolved with this new site which is also mobile friendly. Keeping up with the times some of my videos are featured including a timelapse of me drawing Joy, orphaned African elephants racing to the water hole.

You will be able to keep up with the latest news on this blog page which also has a live feed from my Facebook page. There are links and “like” buttons to Facebook and Pinterest – a new social media adventure for me! Not much up there yet but it will grow. If you haven’t already, please sign up to my email list to learn of special offers and events.

I do hope you like what we've done and would welcome any suggestions to improve it further still.


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