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You may have glanced at my recent email and facebook post about plans to embellish some of my old rare prints and thought... what on earth does he mean by that? I can now show you clearly in pictures rather than words; Illustrated here are two versions of Friendship, my 1989 drawing of the world famous lions, Boy and Christian. The image on the right is the original print exactly as published in 2000. The one on the left is the new version after I spent over 3 hours carefully adding more tonal depth and textures on top of what was printed. The area where you can clearly see a difference is around the fur where Boy and Christian's bodies touch, but I modified and added subtle little bits across the whole print.

I embellish this particular print for an innovative cause; 'White Paw Training', a charity training dogs to track and sniff out poachers in East Africa. They have already had great success at the 'Ol Pejeta Conservancy' in Kenya with rhinos and are currently based at Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania working alongside Tony Fitzjohn OBE, a dedicated conservationist who worked extensively with the late George Adamson at Kora preserve. I'll post details of where and when this copy of Friendship will be auctioned as soon as I know. Please note, it is the special number AP 125/125 and has the added extra of being co-signed by my heroine Virginia McKenna OBE. I am now working on up-dating a print of 1993's Snow Leopard which will be auctioned 'live' at the private view of my solo show 18th April 2016. I've so far spent over two hours on it, carefully adding depth and more texture to what is arguably my most popular print with collectors. I'll post a picture when I've completed the transformation. Whoever eventually places the winning bids on these 18-25+ prints, will be buying more than just a limited edition print... it'll be something more akin to an original drawing and unique from the rest of the edition.

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