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You may have noticed we've changed the look of the subscribers emails. We've made them more interesting in design and included a few drawings to enhance them further still. I hope you like them. The latest one has exclusive details of how to get tickets to my solo exhibition in April 2016. It is free to subscribe and we send out about one email a month, occasionally two if there's important news to share. NO SHORTAGE OF IDEAS FOR DRAWINGS Over the last 25 years of travelling across the globe, I've built up a massive amount of potential drawings in an ever expanding 'to do' list... far, far more than I'll ever be able to complete. Among them... Nepalese Asian elephants, spectacled caiman from Venezuela, Portuguese Iberian wolves and more recently orcas and spinner dolphins seen off Costa Rica's coastline and sealions, turtles, penguins, marine iguanas and more living on the magical Galapagos Islands. Oh I forgot to mention mantas in the Maldives, Australia's weird and wonderful wildlife and of course endless encounters with wildlife from East Africa! Add to this, planned adventures to see gorillas, chimpanzees and humpback whales and you can see why my 'dry' periods of drawing have nothing to do with a lack of inspiration.

I'll try to transform a few of these ideas into new drawings for my next solo show in April 2016. By the way, the progress on the current one of baby African elephants playing has slowed right down as we've had two separate groups of friends staying with us over the last few weeks. Things will speed up again later on in the week.

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