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I'm on a roll... after 'The Incredible Journey', which as you may know, took me absolutely ages to complete... I'm really pleased to show you the latest picture on my drawing board. It's early days, but I have a really good feeling about this composition and want to continue to 'flesh' it out, bring it to life and bring it to you. The downside I'm afraid, means the snow leopard head (4th and final in the series) will follow on later this year... sorry. The references for the elephants were taken from adventures many years apart; our Tanzanian safari just last November and 2002's magical journey to Dame Daphne Sheldricks elephant orphanage where we filmed the 'Wild at Art' DVD. Incidentally t


I enjoy being creative and of course I love drawing, but I'm not one of those artists who has a pencil permanently attached to their hand, who doodles mini masterpieces on paper napkins in restaurants for people to then sell at auction for hundreds of pounds (sorry folks) or whose life is intrinsically immersed in creating art every day. I never have been. And I definitely don't do my art to become cash rich. But drawing is very important to my life. According to Dave, I'm at my most content when I have a successful picture evolving a pace on my trusted drawing board. Drawing can be a very frustrating past time though; my moods swing all over the place when things aren't going according to


Since 2008, I've loved sitting on the judging panel of the WILDLIFE ARTIST OF THE YEAR competition, created by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). Now in its eighth year, it has grown into the major wildlife art competition. With a first prize of £10,000 and many other cash prizes, it's been a real draw for both amateur and professional artists from all over the world. I love the fact that each and every artist who enters is contributing to the protection of wildlife through their art. You can see all of this year's selected artworks at the Mall Galleries in central London from 30th June until 4th July 2015. The private view on the 29th June is by invitation only... tickets avai


I recently used a new giclee printers called Art4site... and they were absolutely brilliant. I would really recommend them to any artist. I spent the best part of a day with them, while they did scanning, artwork and various proofs and left feeling very confident. Four days later as planned, I received my prints perfectly packed and ready for me to sign and number. It all went so smoothly, something in my recent past that just hadn't been the case with printers. The last lithographic printers I used three years ago damaged an original of mine and left me quite damaged too! I'm so pleased to find a friendly printing company I feel comfortable with and I can trust. My latest pencil drawing


Now it's down to concentrating on my next solo show, less than a year away. I have just spent a few days collecting all my reference material together for my next two drawing projects. The first is two baby African elephants playing together. Most of the reference photos were taken by me last year during our month long trip to Tanzania, plus a few extra ones from my 2002 Kenya safari to revisit Daphne Sheldrick's elephant orphanage in Nairobi and Tsavo National Park where the older rehabilitated orphans are reintroduced into the wild. The other picture is the fourth and final piece of my cat portrait series (the other three are displayed on my homepage). It will be of a snow leopard looking


Welcome to my brand new website. It has been done very much 'in house'... literally. Although he's never done one from scratch before, my clever partner Dave designed it, starting a couple of months ago. I naturally offered endless suggestions along the way until I was completely happy with how it looked. I feel it shows off my drawings so much better than the old tired site did. We launched that one way back in 2009 and it definitely needed a revamp. My old site was also causing headaches when ordering through the shop. These problems should be completely resolved with this new site which is also mobile friendly. Keeping up with the times some of my videos are featured including a timelapse

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