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You may have glanced at my recent email and facebook post about plans to embellish some of my old rare prints and thought... what on earth does he mean by that? I can now show you clearly in pictures rather than words; Illustrated here are two versions of Friendship, my 1989 drawing of the world famous lions, Boy and Christian. The image on the right is the original print exactly as published in 2000. The one on the left is the new version after I spent over 3 hours carefully adding more tonal depth and textures on top of what was printed. The area where you can clearly see a difference is around the fur where Boy and Christian's bodies touch, but I modified and added subtle little bits acro


You may have noticed we've changed the look of the subscribers emails. We've made them more interesting in design and included a few drawings to enhance them further still. I hope you like them. The latest one has exclusive details of how to get tickets to my solo exhibition in April 2016. It is free to subscribe and we send out about one email a month, occasionally two if there's important news to share. NO SHORTAGE OF IDEAS FOR DRAWINGS Over the last 25 years of travelling across the globe, I've built up a massive amount of potential drawings in an ever expanding 'to do' list... far, far more than I'll ever be able to complete. Among them... Nepalese Asian elephants, spectacled caima

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